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Hello all!


This site is being published to post strategic insights related to the Magic: The Gathering® trading card game.


Unlike larger sites that try to keep up with every minor metagame shift, it is my intention to post infrequent but more timeless articles. I work full time in a job with nothing to do with Magic, and this is a side project for me.


I started playing Magic in 1995, and shifted from a paper player to an MTGO player between 2005 and 2010. I now solely play online, but do follow paper news and events.


I’m a Spike at heart, but a Spike that feels the urge to innovate and that is willing to try off-the-wall strategies to try to make them work. I’d rather lose and improve from the loss than win and stagnate, and I’m at my happiest when winning with something the opponent never sees coming.


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This concludes the first article. Obligatory legal crap (sorry, important reading) follows.


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  1. Amazing content you put out here. I really miss articles that bring out-of-the-box thoughts and that focus on what I believe are the two main skills to become good at this game: strategic thinking and adaptability.

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